We are a federal government owned development bank with a mandate to provide low cost credit to small holder and commercial farmers, and small and medium rural enterprises. We also provide micro financing to small and medium scale non agricultural enterprises. Our aim is to ensure effective delivery of agricultural and rural finance services on a sustainable basis to support the national economic development agenda, including food security, poverty reduction, employment generation, reduction in rural to urban migration, less dependency on imported food items, and increase in foreign exchange earnings.

Credit Function

Bank of Agriculture credit functions are activated at the level of direct Lending, on-lending, collaboration, and monitoring of credit.

This activity involves:

• Direct lending to qualified loan applicants engaged in...


On these pages, you can find information about The Bank of Agriculture: latest financial data, news, ratings, presentations and other facts and figures of interest to institutional investors and analysts.Bank of Agricultue is the nation’s apex...

Developmental Function

Credit is a critical factor in development of agriculture, the rural areas, and small business in general. This is because it drives capital formation and technology upgrade.
Bank of Agriculture activity in this area involves the direct making...

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